As a business owner in the tech space there is no way around checking out new tech tools regularly and assessing whether or not they may be of use to OUR business or our clients’ businesses. And today I want to introduce you to one of those tools that are waaay not well enough known YET. 

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Reader, meet Vectera. You can thank us later.

A few months ago Lero started a project to edit a bunch of testimonial videos for the guys over at Vectera and they kindly provided him with access to the product for him to check it out.

Over the summer we were busy revamping our entire business setup, so we didn’t get round to dive in immediately, but as things have calmed down we have started to dive in and WHOA – it turns out all of those ladies and gents in the testimonials were spot on – and Vectera is going to become a permanent part of our setup.

First off, let me run you through what Vectera can do…

I was in the middle of setting up the new website and debating the current scheduling and meeting options we have. I have been using the same providers for almost 5 years, so I was a little hesitant to change systems where there wasn’t a “need” as such, but I remembered Vectera and Lero mentioned the account, so I thought why not.

What is important to us is that clients can book in for a discovery call, answer a few questions for us to prepare for the call and then get a meeting link sent to them and all of this should be automatic without any hiccups. Ever. The booking tool needs to check availability in the calendar and NOT allow for any double bookings and otherwise we really don’t need anything other than a reliable meeting room.

So we decided to not go with our prior setup of Acuity to take bookings and Zoom to hold meetings, but set up Vectera instead.

The feature stack is pretty impressive and functionality has been flawless.

The intial account setup was super easy and smooth, and Google Calendar was integrated in no time.

The scheduling function (unlike Acuity) is super intuitive to setup, no need to mess with multiple calendars and scheduling limits. Just pop a bit of data and you’re done.

They even have the option to ask a few questions upon booking (which has always been an essential feature for us).

The customer experience on the booking process is super smooth!

The result is that the scheduling was setup in less than 15 minutes and we were ready to embed the booking link on the website.

Now it was time to test the meeting functionality.

The super practical thing about Vectera is that unlike zoom it doesn’t require you to install an app and since scheduling and meeting facilities are handled within the same company the link generation is automatic and there is no faffing with waiting rooms and passcodes and potential clients NOT having received them (or not being able to FIND them). It also works on all major browsers, meaning clients can join from wherever.

And then there is the meeting room itself – clean looking AND powerful!

It’s super easy to find your upcoming meetings in your dashboard and all it takes is to hit START.

You can then choose whether to start the meeting just with audio or audio and video. Once you’re in the meeting room you have access to a chat, private notes that are only visible to team members as well as the file sharing and whiteboard facility – BUT here is the difference. Vectera remembers the files/whiteboards you have in a meeting room – so there is no need to say to a client “Remember what we talked about last time?” ever again. You can simply open up the contents from the previous meeting.

Now for the Pricing…

I don’t generally include the actual prices in blog posts, so that if you do find this in a few weeks/months or even years you are not disappointed when the prices have increased – so to get the update to date pricing head over here.

Let me say this though, in comparison to a new acuity and zoom plan we are going to be saving 50% by using Vectera AND our booking process is smoother for our clients and potential clients as well as less nerve-wrecking for us.

What’s Next?

 1. If you’ve checked out Vectera and you liked it, let us know your feedback, we’d love to know if you’ve got any tips and tricks that have saved you time and/or money.

2. If you’re not so sure about trying Vectera YET, then why not see those testimonials that were lovingly edited by yours truly?

3. If you have some videos in need of editing (and you want to try out our Vectera Scheduler at the same time) then book a call.

Over the next few weeks I will share some more advanced tips and tricks with some features I haven’t even mentioned yet, so check back in a little while.

Jess – Team HG