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Still not sure if we’re able to help you?

Don’t worry! We have worked with so many online business owners that we would expect you to have a certain level of doubt.

You’ve worked hard to get to this place, late nights, early mornings and weekends – every available minute has gone into building your business – and the last thing you need right now is someone coming along to mess things up for you (or waste even more precious time).

We’ve actually had our fair share of bad experiences ourselves over the last few years, so we know exactly how you feel.

So, we want to take the time to tell you very precisely what we can help you with (cause we’re NOT a one-stop-shop) and also how exactly we work with our clients.

What we CAN help you with…

The list is long!

Setting up your Online Course

Building Sales Funnels


Email Marketing Support

Video Editing

Building your Membership Site

Live Launch Support

Maintaining your Website


Community Management

Customer Support for your Course/ Program

Graphic Design


Systems and Automation

Social Media Scheduling

Live and Automated Webinar Setup

Team Training

Online Summits

We specialise in helping your business to run without you…

We know that your business needs you – but not as much as you think it does. We help you to focus on doing the things that you REALLY need to do, and take the rest off of your plate.

Awareness is one of our key values, so we are very aware of what we’re good at and what we’re not good at. Our aim is to support you in growing your business throughout this stage, we are not a full-service marketing or branding agency, so if you’re looking for someone to take your entire marketing off your hands, I can recommend someone else to you.

Don’t Get Up! Book your call right from where you are.

1. Schedule a Call to discuss your needs

2. Come aboard

3. Meet your Account Manager

4. Send your first tasks

So, what is the investment?

We work with clients both on a one-off and retainer basis, depending on whatever works best for YOUR project.

If it’s a one-off (eg. you just need us to set up your first or next online course) we will provide you with a quote for the full service.

If you need our support on an ongoing basis, the following rates apply:

Entry-Level VA Support - $30 per hour

This package is perfect for entrepreneurs in the beginning stages that simply need to leverage their time better/get an expert team in place.

What you need is a team that can execute your plans reliably and correctly – and that’s exactly what we will provide.

Expert-Level VA Support - $60 per hour

This package is right for you if you need a much higher-level of support.

You need faster turn-around times, more availability, regular meetings, team management and some strategic support to boot.

Please note that usually our minimum booking is 10 hours per month and our minimum contract length after the initial month is 3 months. It takes a lot of time and effort to onboard new clients and it will be a waste of time for both of us to work together for any shorter period of time.

If you are a returning client we are happy to make an exception.

Are you ready to hire help?

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you have optimised your time, your systems and processes AND tools as much as possible and you’re still throttling then it is probably a good time to consider hiring a VA. Of course it goes without saying that a stable income is needed to ensure continuity.


What do I need to have in place before you come onboard?

Ideally you are very clear on your goals for your business and how exactly you are going to make sure that your VA generates time for you to generate revenue. It is useful if you have some of your systems documented, but it’s not essential, we can help with that.


How will we communicate?

Organisation is essential for us, so we will either join your existing project management tool OR set up an account for you. We personally use Asana, but will work within other tools as well. It’s important the tool works within your systems. We also communicate via slack and will setup a slack workspace for you. We are not available on Voxer, WhatsApp and FB messenger since a lot of time can get wasted communicating back and forth.


Do you offer meetings?

Sure, we can have meetings as often as it seems appropriate. The time spent on meetings (or waiting for scheduled appointments, if you are late) will be deducted from your monthly hours. If we have a recurring meeting scheduled, but there isn’t anything to be discussed/it doesn’t lead to increased productivity, we may ask to postponse/adjust the schedule.


How will I know how much time you are spending?

We send out a time sheet every week on Tuesday to all clients with the hours used in the current period and a breakdown of tasks worked on. We will also notify you before we reach your monthly limit and ask you how to proceed. If you are regularly at or above your monthly limit, we will discuss whether to increase it. Additional hours depend on availability within the team.


How will I know my passwords are safe?

We use 1password to share passwords with you. You will receive an invite during our onboarding process and your own secure vault that only you and us have access to.


Will having a virtual assistant really resort in increased revenue?

That depends on whether you either assign revenue-generating tasks to us OR assign tasks that free you up for revenue-generating activities. If that is not the case, then NO you will not make more money just because you hire a VA – just like you won’t lose weight just from registering at the gym.