The team is where it’s at!

We believe that we are all only as good as the team behind us and that’s why we invest time and effort into building a solid team that’s there to support you for years to come.

Our philosophy is to hire for personality since pretty much anything can be taught, but it’s a lost cause if someone just isn’t a decent human.

Tech Support

Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Online Courses,  Membership Sites, Email Marketing and Integrations.


Audio and Video Editing

Podcast Audio Editing with multiple guests, Online Course Video Content, YouTube Content, Testimonial Videos and more.


Expert VA Support

Social Media scheduling, graphic creation, invoicing, client support, community building, building PDF Downloads and anything else that you just don’t have time for.

Who makes the ship steer in the right direction?

Lero Gjini

Sales and Operations – Location: 🇦🇱 / 🇩🇪

Lero is in charge of all things sales and operations and makes sure that everyone keeps a calm head – with all of us girls around that’s not always easy!

When he’s not working he loves traveling (driving to be specific) and going on adventures. One of his latest trips involved a long search for a campsite, dark roads with weird people and a black horse raiding a bin. Just another day in the Balkans.

Jessica Dornieden

Marketing and Strategy – Location: 🇦🇱 / 🇩🇪

Jess takes care of the the aspects of marketing that no one else likes and plans strategies for the business and for clients. She also manages some of the more complex tech setup.

When she is not working she loves learning new stuff online, listening to audiobooks, going out to meet other expats and touring the world.

Nikola Jankovic

Online Business Manager – Location: 🇷🇸

Nikola is responsible for making sure all of your tasks and projects are well on track! He replies to your emails, updates your asana accounts and in general has your back!

When asked he shared that his spare time involves long walks to the nearest shop – but I believe that he secretly stocks up his knowledge of affiliate marketing and FB ads since he always seems to have something to share on that front!

Anxhela Gjini

Tech Support – Location: 🇦🇱

Anxhela is a graduate in Management Information System. She is part of our tech support team and you will find her building your landing and sales pages, your course and members areas and your PDF Freebies – and a whole lot more. The end is result is functional and looks good!

When she’s not working, she likes going out for a run or do yoga somewhere in nature. She also plays volleyball in her local team. Anxhela also loves reading (J. Peterson and Bukowski are her favourites). When the situation permits she loves to visit other cities or countries. Photography is also her passion. 

Rose Tran

Social Media Team – Location: 🇫🇮

Rose has recently finished her degree in Marketing and is in charge of our client’s social media planning, scheduling and analytics! She is based in Finland and her hobbies suit the location!

In her free time, she usually reads books, especially self-help ones which help her remain balanced. Moreover, music is part of her life and she can’t live without it. Her favourite types of music are new age and R&B.

Kostandin Gjini

Video Editor – Location: 🇦🇱

Kostandin (Kosta for friendly faces) is in charge of all things video editing. Whether it’s course videos, testimonials or YouTube Content – he’s the man.

In his spare time he finds himself on the path for self-discovery. He likes to explore the world both outside by hiking, traveling, meeting new faces and inside by meditation and self-reflection.

Austin Rafter

Podcast Editor – Location: 🇺🇸

Austin is our resident podcast editor and he makes your podcast sound absolutely perfect every single time. Austin will handle your intros/outros and any editing as well as making sure that the sound quality is the best it can be with the recording provided.

When he’s not working he loves to ski and play video games – preferably at the same time.

1 Month Trial for all new clients

We understand how difficult it is to commit to working with a new virtual assistant. You have worked hard to get your business to the place where it is now and the ONE thing you don’t need is someone else to come along and mess everything up for you – we get it. Therefore we offer all new retainer clients a trial month before starting their contract to ensure we are a good fit. Book a Call now to discuss your needs.


I am so grateful to have had you support me in my business. From the first meeting you were organised and thorough. You completed all tasks set and were so efficient in your allocated hours that I was on my toes to create more work, which was exactly what I was looking for in a VA. You were proficient in all the platforms that I require for my business in particular your video editing was of a high calibre.

- Carlie Hageman

It's been a bumpy road to get here and and I just wanna say how much I appreciate what you are doing and the impact you've already had in the short time you've been here. What you've managed to do in spite of a steep learning curve has been nothing short of spectacular - and everyone is singing your praises.

- Peter Sage

Thanks man, can't tell you how great it is to wake up and have stuff done.

- Chris Scott

Just finished listening to the episode. You killed this edit, it's aboslutely fantastic.
- Chris Scott